Semi-Frameless Showerscreens

Semi-Frameless Showerscreens offer minimal use of aluminium framing on only the perimeter of the screen with 6mm Toughened A-Grade Safety Glass,  attractive hardware and clean lines, you’ll have all the bases covered. Our Semi-Frameless Showerscreens also offers you a cost-effective alternative to the Frameless Showerscreen while maintaining the sleek modern look of today’s bathrooms.

In our range of Semi-Frameless Showerscreens we offer a standard pivot door or a bi-fold door all in a range of custom configurations and the latest colour trends to choose from.

Our Bi-Fold Showerscreens provides easy entry and exit to the showering area offering a maximum opening space. When in the open position, both panels fold parallel and at 180º flat back to the wall or side, allowing virtually 100% access making it an excellent sill-less choice for wheel chair or shower chair access while still retaining a sleek modern.

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